What requirements must comply toys? / “Is toys safe?”

What requirements must comply toys? / “Is toys safe?”


This question is really only one answer: Yes!

Toys must comply with European directives in the field of security. There exists legislation. On each toy sold, are the letters CE. These letters mean Conformité Européenne. Nevertheless accidents  happen occasionally with toys. In almost all cases, while not the toy itself is the culprit, but the way it was played. And besides the role of educators and caregivers in the picture! many families have babies with one or more older siblings. Playing with other toys than the baby. It is known that a baby wants to rush into everything with the mouth. Then you have to watch that no toys with small parts is within his reach. Because then he can put in his mouth, and maybe choke! Older children want to play outside, such as scooters or skates or rollerblades. It is up to parents or guardians to keep in mind that taking protective equipment is worn, for example, wrists and knees, as emphatically is recommended on the package. It therefore concerns that adults their use common sense and play environment for children critically keep an eye on. No caps from markers allow swinging, no small construction material on the floor where a crawling baby. No glue leave use in crafts, and learning how to deal with scissors. And also look at things that are not intended as a toy, such as decorative dolls. For parents like to note that certain toys requires extra vigilance is moreover toys to find the symbol of a baby’s head into a prohibitory: Not intended for children under 3 years. in short: at safety and toys mainly involves precautions in the play area and play whether children with toys that are appropriate for their age. Parents and caregivers: Stay alert!

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